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The Survival Trial 2014 has something for everyone.

12 Hour – 72 Hour Survival Trials

The Survival Trial is an event for anyone who has the desire for change.  Our goal with the Survival Trial is to create unique arenas that put all Competitors in situations that they could potentially encounter in real life. 

The Survival Trial is a 12-72 Hour, Survival-Based Adventure Race that takes place at the NRA Whittington Center along the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in NE New Mexico.  Everything in the Survival Trial revolves around real world events, from Shooting Scenarios/Physical Obstacles taken directly from the NEWS, to Mental Challenges focusing on current events affecting the American People.

The Survival Trial cannot stress enough that it truly is the Ultimate Test.  Even though the registration options for this intimate event have diversified, the challenge and underlying themes of the Survival Trial will not change.  The Survival Trial will always give Teams and Solo Competitors the opportunity to test limits and redefine what is normal. 

2014 Registration Options:


The Survival Trial Daybreaker Main is a 48 hour Trial with the opportunity to register for:


12 Hour Daybreaker Lite – Team

12 Hour Daybreaker Lite – Solo

24 Hour Daybreaker Lite – Team

24 Hour Daybreaker Lite – Solo

36 Hour Daybreaker Lite – Team

36 Hour Daybreaker Lite – Solo

48 Hour Survival Trial Daybreaker: Team

48 Hour Survival Trial Daybreaker: Solo


The STVII: Daybreaker 48 Hour Trial has six team slots remaining for the year.  Register Online Here


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The Survival Trial Sundowner Main is a 72 hour Trial with the opportunity to register for:

12 Hour Sundowner Lite – Team

12 Hour Sundowner Lite – Solo

24 Hour Sundowner Lite – Team

24 Hour Sundowner Lite – Solo

36 Hour Sundowner Lite – Team

36 Hour Sundowner Lite – Solo

48 Hour Sundowner Lite: Team

48 Hour Sundowner Lite: Solo

72 Hour Survival Trial Sundowner: Team

72 Hour Survival Trial Sundowner: Solo

Register online today for the Survival Trial: Sundowner: Register Online Here.

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Where is the Survival Trial Located?

NRA Whittington Center

34025 U.S. 64, Raton, NM

Survival Trial STV: Sundowner YouTube

Survival Trial STV: Sundowner – September 20, 2013

We do our best to tell the story of the Competitors as they embark on the life-changing journey of the Survival Trial.  The Survival Trial – STV: Sundowner was the first 36 hour Survival Trial, pushing Competitors to their true limits. 16 2-person teams began the race at 1200 on September 20, 2013 and 8 were left standing at midnight, September 22, 2013.

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