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Survival Trial was introduced in September of 2011 at the NRA Whittington Center, as a concept designed by Jon Weiler to blend an Adventure Race with Survival Based Situations. This inagural Survival Trial began a journey into what we see today with 2-person Team and Solo Competitions for 24-48 hours in length. The Survival Trial coordinators strive to create an Arena that encompasses a Lifestyle that is conducive to Preparedness.

Each Survival Trial Arena is unique and reflects a theme around our current social environment. All situations are taken from current events, to increase the relevancy of "Why" we train. Everything in the Survival Trial Arena is optional, just as it is in Life. But everything in the Survival Trial Arena will challenge you to your very core.

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What to Expect


Land Navigation is the core of Survival Trial and ultimately, the make or break in Competitors. The terrain is harsh and challenging; correct plotting, route selection and day/night navigation is the key to success in the ST Arenas.

First Aid

Survival Trial is Life; it is about Preparation. Having a basic understanding of lifesaving skills should be at the utmost importance to all of us. There may come a time where we are alone in the situation and absolutely have to help and safe. Learn basic First Aid - it will make you a better person.


You will walk everywhere there is to go in the Survival Trial Arenas. Smart packing, stable and comfortable equipment and good route selection will ease your time on the ground. But part of the magic of Survival Trial is the time to reflect. Use it wisely.

Problem Solving

Everything about Survival Trial is Problem Solving. We will never lie to you in the ST Arena; however, we will make you think. When you step foot in the ST Arena, your brain is the most valuable piece of equipment that you possess.

Defensive Engagements

Like it or not, we live in a violent world. One where it is irresponsible to not have the ability to protect yourself and your loved ones from those who would take from you. We train for that one moment that we pray never comes, but it may come all the same.

What will you learn?

Survival Trial is a Training Event; it is a Life Event. It will force you to look at the world in a different way and forever change your perception of it.

  • Individual Capacity 90%

  • Teamwork 50%

  • Empathy 90%

  • Confidence 100%

Learn More

A Survival Trial is a very unique experience; it truly is one that is not found anywhere else. This Survival-Based Adventure Race is one of a kind. We do our best to document every bit of it. Take a look at previous Trials:


Why Survival Trial? Adventure, and because I needed a reason to stay in shape but I hate running..... I like shooting and hiking, so this seemed like a great combination of the two.

- Gene Locke, Team Terra Victor - 2015 Winterborn Race of Champions

We want to know that we put it all on the line, that we did the best that we could.

- Clint Briggs, Team Slow Motion - 2014 STVIII: Sundowner

We want to do our best....we now know what is possible.

- Steve and Nicole Ruby, Team Ruby Red - 2013 STIV: Daybreaker

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