The 2016 STXIII: Sundowner is now concluded and part of the history books.  We could not have asked for a better 24 hours to hold a Trial either, with cooler temperatures in the evening and warm day.

The Sundowner began at 2359hrs, 29September2016 and ended 24 hours later on 30September2016.  We had a great field of Competitors in this Trial, each working diligently to accomplish their goals in the Arena.  The Arena itself offered the challenge and opportunity for these Competitors to test their relationships with others, their equipment and themselves.

And as always, we bore witness to some life changing things in this Sundowner Arena.


The 2016 Sundowner Survivors:





5th Survivors:   Team TBD – 1440 points




4th Survivors:Team Alpha – 2955 points




3rd Survivors: Team 2 Degrees – 2980 points




2nd Survivors:  Team 2Guys – 3515 points



*Note:  Team 2Guys recovered the Golden Basket in the Sundowner at approximately 1600hrs, 2/3rd into the Trial.  They earned $500 and an invitation to the 2017 Race of Champions.  Great job 2Guys!




1st Survivors:  Team Delta V – 3720 points



1st Survivor:  Callsign:  Nack – 2440 points


DNF:  Callsign: Dragonshark


Congratulations to all of the Competitors who set foot in this Arena; you should be very proud of your performances.  We hope to see you all again in a future Trial.


Good luck on your journey through this gift of Life.