Changes to the 2014 Survival Line-up!

Changes to the 2014 Survival Line-up!









We have made changes to the 2014 Survival Trial Line-up.  We are now giving Competitors the choice of competing in the STVI: Winterborn, STVII: Daybreaker and STVIII: Sundowner as a Solo Competitor or Team.  This is a big change to the original Survival Trial format, but will give Competitors a level of flexibility for the Ultimate Test.

Register Here for the Survival Trial Solo or Team:  (click on a banner below)



STVI: Winterborn – 36 Hour Trial


STVII: Daybreaker – 48 Hour Trial


STVIII: Sundowner – 72 Hour Trial


ST Lites:  Now 12 hour or 24 hour Survival Trials: Race within a Race

Competitors now have a choice between a 12 hour or 24 hour Survival Trial ST Lite.  The ST Lites are a Race within a Race, allowing Competitors to negotiate the same Scenarios and Obstacles as the overall Trials with the only difference being the length of time in the ST Arena.  The ST Lites are Team Based Trials only, no Solos.

Register now for a 12 hour or 24 hour ST Lite:  (click on a banner below)

ST Lite Winterborn

ST Lite Daybreaker

ST Lite Sundowner

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