Required Items:


In the Survival Trial Arena, we ask Competitors to have certain base items for both safety and success:

Pack capable of carrying 80lbs minimum x 1 per person
Hydration system @ 100oz. water minimum x 1 per person
Eye Protection
Military Map Protractor
Reflective Belt
Chemical Lights (2)

Required only if you are participating in the Defensive Shooting Scenarios

Hearing Protection
Eye Protection
Semi-Automatic Rifle x 80 rounds per person
Semi-Automatic Pistol x 100 rounds per person
Shotgun:  10 rounds birdshot; 10 rounds slug


We want the Trials to be open to anyone who wants the Ultimate Test.  The below equipment is Optional in the Survival Trial Arena.

If you are not into firearms, you do not have to negotiate any of the firearm scenarios.  You do not have to provide a firearm to compete.  We will have Stage Guns available for each Shooting Scenario.

You will be responsible for providing/carrying your ammunition if you want to negotiate the Shooting Scenarios, along with hearing and eye protection.  You will be required to attend the ST Firearms Safety Course prior to each Survival Trial.  The Firearms Safety Course takes place during the event registration process, immediately before the Trial begins.

Note: Each ST Arena is designed to allow every Competitor the opportunity to collect the maximum amount of points.  We work diligently to ensure that no one Competitor has an advantage over another.  It all comes down to drive and strategy.




Shotgun x 1 per person
Semi-Automatic Rifle x 1 per person
-2 magazines per person
Semi-Automatic Pistol x 1 per person
-2 magazines per person
-Semi-Automatic Pistol Holster x 1 per person


Again, the items below are optional but suggested for success.  This is not the extent of items that will help you either, you can bring more items but whatever you pack in, you will pack out.

Choose wisely!  Our brains are the most important piece of equipment in a Survival situation, but it does help to have some gear with you:

6 foot rope
Sledge Hammer
Duct Tape
Tent Poles
Non-Transmitting Digital Camera


Prohibited Items:

Possession of the below items will result in expulsion from the Survival Trial Arena

Night Vision
Ipods or any Mp3 Players
Range Finders
Radios, Cell Phones, tablets, laptops, pagers or any transmitting/receiving device
Any maps not provided to the Competitors
Fire Starting Items (no fires permitted in the ST Arena unless directed by ST staff)