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The STVII: Daybreaker began at 0001, May 16, 2014 and concluded at 0001, May 18, 2014.  This was the very first 24-hour Survival Trial and was comprised of teams competing in both 24 hour and 48 hour Trials.  We began with three (3) 24-hour Teams and eight (8) 48-hour Teams with 1 Solo 48-hour Competitor.

We finished with two (2) 24-hour Teams and four (4) 48-hour Teams. 


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The final standings are below:


24 Hour STVII: Daybreaker:





Second Survivors:  Team Dr. Robert Neville

Total Points:  1270

Total Distance Moved:  20.38 miles




First Survivors:  Team SolTech

Total Points:  2330

Total Distance Moved:  31.87 miles



48 Hour STVII: Daybreaker:



Fourth Survivors:  Team Terra Victor

Total Points:  3030

Total Distance Moved:  61.07 miles




Third Survivors:  Team 40.40.

Total Points:  3610

Total Distance Moved:  48.08 miles




Second Survivors:  Team Grey Tactical

Total Points:  3770

Total Distance Moved:  41.68




First Survivors:  Team Kifaru

Total Points:  6480

Total Distance Moved:  76.10


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Great job to all the STVII: Daybreaker Competitors and thank you to all of our Evaluators and Sponsors for making the STVII: Daybreaker possible!




STVII: Daybreaker Evalautors:

20140514_181513 [640x480]


Freddy Penny, Shane Saavedra, Cody Saavedra, Scott Reid, Doug Saul (not pictured), Seth Branscombe, Brian Crenshaw (not pictured), William Bolling, Josh Chavez (not pictured), Josh Unser (not pictured), Jack Polen – STVII Observer/Controller


STVII: Daybreaker Sponsors:


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