STVIII: Sundowner 24 Hour Team:


Team Hornady


First Survivors:  Team Hornady

Total Points:  3510

Total Distance Moved:  38.35 Miles


Team Slow Motion

Second Survivors:  Team Slow Motion

Total Points:  2600

Total Distance Moved:  39.14 Miles



Third Survivors:  Team Rucking Awesome

Total Points:  830

Total Distance Moved:  28.5 Miles


Team DNR

Team DNR began the STVIII: Sundowner 24 Hour Team but lost one team member to physical injury approximately 13 hours into the race.  Jeff Luterbach continued on as a Solo in the STVIII: Sundowner, completing the Trial after moving a total of 41.66 Miles!

Overcoming adversity is a large part of the Survival Trial and losing a team member to injury is a difficult moment in any Trial.  Luterbach continued on, working through each Shooting Scenario/Physical Obstacle on his own.  Great job to both members of Team DNR!


STVIII: Sundowner 24 Hour Solo:


Callsign Rocketbob

First Survivor:  Callsign:  RocketBob

Total Points:  1570

Total Distance Moved:  41.43 Miles


STVIII: Sundowner 48 Hour Solo:



First Survivor:  Callsign Trigger-1

Total Points:  4370

Total Distance Moved:  50.12 Miles



Second Survivor:  Callsign: Possum Fat

Total Points:  1790

Total Distance Moved:  55.89 Miles


STVIII:  Sundowner 72 Hour Team:


Team CRG

First Survivor:  Team CRG

Total Points:  5860

Total Distance Moved:  76.94 Miles



STVIII:  Sundowner 72 Hour Solo:


Callsign Zeke

First Survivor:  Callsign:  Zeke

Total Points 3020

Total Distance Moved:  69.50 Miles



STVIII:  Sundowner Stats:


24 Hour Teams Started:  5

24 Hour Teams Finished:  3

24 Hour Solos Started:  4

24 Hour Solos Finished:  1

Average Distance Moved by Survivors:  36.85 miles

48 Hour Solos Started: 1

48 Hour Solos Finished:  1

Average Distance Moved by Survivors:  55.5 miles

72 Hour Teams Started:  1

72 Hour Teams Finished:  1

72 Hour Solos Started:  1

72 Hour Solos Finished:  1

Average Distance Moved by Survivors:  73.22 miles



Survival Trial STVIII: Sundowner Competitors:

Team SG-21

Team Name:  SG-21

Time in the Arena:  17hrs, 54 minutes

Distance Traveled:  23.43 miles


Callsign katcarjack

Callsign:  Kat-CarJack

Time in the Arena:  14 hours, 50 minutes

Distance Traveled:  20.10 Miles


Callsign Farscape

Callsign:  Farscape

Time in the Arena:  15 hours, 17 minutes

Distance Traveled:  26.60 Miles


Callsign Unagi2

Callsign:  Unagi

Time in the Arena:  14 hours, 4 Minutes

Distance Traveled:  26.82 Miles




We would like to thank all Survival Trial – STVIII: Sundowner Survivors and Competitors for their hard work in the Arena.  You should all be very proud of your performance and accomplishments during your time here.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone back again in a future Survival Trial.

Good luck on your Journey.