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1. Which Survival Trial are you competing in:

STX: Daybreaker – May 22-24 2015

2. Names of Competitor(s):

Jon Ness/Craig Tharp

3. Team Name or Solo Callsign:

Team Boone and Crocket

4. Age of Competitor(s):

Jon Ness- 40 years / Craig Tharp – 50 years

5. Occupation:

Craig – Agricultural Producer
Jon – CEO Financial Services

6. Hometown:

Craig – Las Cruces, NM
Jon- Denver, CO

7. Brief Description of Each Team Member: (hobbies, strengths, weaknesses, racing background, shooting background, etc…)

Craig – My hobbies are hunting and Cowboy Action Shooting. I enjoy being outdoors and especially being in the mountains. I have grown up in the outdoors and am very comfortable being out in the mountains. I have shot competitively since 2005 and I believe this could be one the strengths that I bring to the team. Due to my age that could be a weakness to some but I feel I am in better shape now than I was in my younger years. I competed in the May Survival Trial in 2013 and feel I am prepared for this 48 hr trial.

Jon- Hobbies are outdoors, especially hunting and fishing. Enjoy competitive skeet shooting and running.

8. Why Do You Want to Compete in the Survival Trial?

Craig – I would like to compete in the survival trial as a personal accomplishment in that I can say to myself that I am not too old to compete. I enjoy the challenge that the survival trial puts us through and with the times we are now living in it is a challenge we all might have to face in our lifetime, so the knowledge and experience gained could help me in the future.

Jon- I have enjoyed the 4 trials I have participated in and have been challenged by all of them differently. It’s a great excuse to get into great shape and to spend time in beautiful New Mexico. The Trials have become a metaphor for life- always be prepared and never quit.
9. What Are Your Goals with the Survival Trial?

Craig – My goals are to be a steady and solid competitor and not let my teammate down, and to leave the trial knowing I did the best I could.

Jon- My goals are to win and not lose my toe nails… again.

10. List any other pertinent information that you feel would be helpful for potential sponsors to know about you: