1.Which Survival Trial are you competing in:

Sundowner STXIII

2. Names of Competitor(s):  

Mark Brady

3. Team Name or Solo Callsign:  


4. Age of Competitor(s):  


5. Occupation:  


6.  Hometown:  

Luton, United Kingdom

7.  Brief Description of Each Team Member: (hobbies, strengths, weaknesses, racing background, shooting background, etc…)  

Zero racing experience. I am in the military and have spent some time overseas in the badlands. I am fairly experienced shooter, but unfortunately I will not have my guns for this event. My strength and weakness tend to complement each other; I am able to work effectively on my own, but I do tend to second guess myself.

8.  Why Do You Want to Compete in the Survival Trial?  

Two reasons:

  1. I am one of the oldest guys in my outfit and though I cannot outrun, lift or carry as much as the younger guys, I still feel that an example needs to be set


  1. I have always wanted to do a Survival Trials just for the experience and challenge.



9.  What Are Your Goals with the Survival Trial?  

To cover as much ground as possible and not to get too lost. I am using this event as a means to raise funds for the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Warrior Foundation.


Sponsor Callsign: Dragonshark


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