1.Which Survival Trial are you competing in:

Sundowner STXIII

  1. Names of Competitor(s):  

Jared Walker

Eric Hagedon

  1. Team Name or Solo Callsign:  


  1. Age of Competitor(s):  

Eric – 38 years

Jared – 36 years

  1. Occupation:  

Jared – Construction, commercial general contractor.

Eric – Manager/Planner for a poultry company.

  1. Hometown:  

Eric – Sarcoxie, MO

Jared – Marionville, Missouri

  1. Brief Description of Each Team Member: (hobbies, strengths, weaknesses, racing background, shooting background, etc…)  


  1. Hobbies include:  Spending time with my wife and two daughters, anything with a firearm,     mounted shooting, kayaking, wake boarding, snowboarding, hiking etc.
  2. Strengths: Determination and self motivation have been my strengths.
  3. Weaknesses: Medical techniques and bare bones “survival” skills.
  4. Racing background: Four “tough mudders”, one run n gun and IDPA.
  5. Shooting background: shooting most of my life but engaged in real world professional training and more competitions about 4 years ago.


I have a wife and two girls ages twelve and five.  We all enjoy horses.

    1. My hobbies include: mounted shooting, roping, ranch rodeo, farming, and wood working.
    2. Strengths:  New challenges and learning new things.
    3. Weaknesses: I dislike the monotonous and mundane.
    4. Racing background: Nothing like this.
    5. Shooting background: Limited target shooting.
  1. Why Do You Want to Compete in the Survival Trial?  

Eric – The adventure, the challenge.

Jared – I’m looking forward to this race to test myself in ways not yet proven.  I have never had to test my endurance over this time period.  I also need a goal (a reason) to push myself physically and mentally for this challenge.

  1. What Are Your Goals with the Survival Trial?  

Jared – To thrive, not just survive.

Eric – Throughout the preparation: better physical conditioning and new skill sets.  During the race: to compete at a level I can live with.