1.Which Survival Trial are you competing in:

Sundowner STXIII

  1. Names of Competitor(s):  

Ammon Dorny

Abram Dorny;

  1. Team Name or Solo Callsign:  


  1. Age of Competitor(s):  

Ammon (47)

Abram (38)

  1. Occupation:  

Ammon (Attorney)

Abram (Boiler Operator, 2nd Assistant)

  1. Hometown:  

Ammon (South Pasadena, CA)

Abram (Irondale, WA)

  1. Brief Description of Each Team Member: (hobbies, strengths, weaknesses, racing background, shooting background, etc…)  

Ammon Dorny: (married, three daughters, outdoors, hiking, endurance sports, hates cockroaches, can’t hit the broadside of a barn with a firearm, triathlon/ultramarathon, and once came in last in a competitive eating competition that resulted in 10 solid days of hiccups)

Abram Dorny: (Dual-sport motorcycles, shooting – some competitive pistol experience, I aspire to consistent minute-of-bad guy accuracy, stubborn, camping in the rain, no racing experience-ignorance is bliss)

  1. Why Do You Want to Compete in the Survival Trial?  

Ammon (bring the pain, stretch myself, brother asked me to)

Abe (Find out where I’m at mentally/skill/technique-wise and putting it all together, and once Ammon accepted, I knew there was no backing out)

  1. What Are Your Goals with the Survival Trial?  

Ammon (Win or suffer trying)

Abe (Win it all! I want tomorrow’s me to kick todays’ ass)