Survival Trial: Daybreaker

The Challenge:

The Survival Trial: Daybreaker pushes Competitors through two full days of realistic, survival-based Shooting Scenarios, Physical Obstacles and Mental Challenges.  The Survival Trial: Daybreaker is an endurance event, one that will take every person who steps foot in the ST Daybreaker Arena to their next level in life.

Survival Trial: Daybreaker continually pushes Competitors.  Time is of the essence in the Survival Trial and rest should never be an option.

Survival Trial: Daybreaker

The Survival Trial: Daybreaker is our middle life.  Most of us are in it now and looking around, are not completely satisfied where we are finding ourselves.  Why is this?

What is the consequences of a successful life?  Most people who have the drive to succeed are never satisfied anyways, there never will be a finish line.

In this world where financial security is king and more is always best, do we secretly yearn for the primal struggle that has defined so many before us?  This begs the question:  What truly is important in life?

Welcome to the Survival Trial: Daybreaker.

The Opportunity:

The Survival Trial Daybreaker offers Competitors the opportunity to push themselves as a 2-Person Team or on your own as a Solo. 

The Survival Trial Daybreaker gives the opportunity to register for:


24 Hour Daybreaker – Team

24 Hour Daybreaker – Solo