Meet the 2016 STXIII: Sundowner Competitors:

The Opportunity:

The Survival Trial Sundowner gives tbe opportunity to register for:


24 Hour Sundowner – Team

24 Hour Sundowner – Solo


Survival Trial: Sundowner

The Survival Trial: Sundowner is the twilight of our lives.  The irony to that statement is that each day is potentially the last, although we rarely view it that way.  Time is rapidly slipping through our fingers and we stand helpless to stop it.

The Survival Trial: Sundowner is the final opportunity of understanding.  We believe that we are capable but never really put ourselves to the test.  Reality trumps theory every time.  How will we know what we are capable of if we let the trials pass us by?

Time is of the essence.

Welcome to the Survival Trial: Sundowner.

The Challenge:

What are the challenges in the ST Sundowner Arena?  The biggest will be you.  24 or 48 Hours of movement gives many opportunities for the ups and downs that physical duress will cause. Mental and Emotional breakdown will be the challenge.

C.S. Lewis — ‘Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.’